06 May 2014

The queen of my heart

What streams in my mind
in the beautiful moonlit dine,
isn't the same as what I think
in the morning sunshine...

And that's why its now that
I remember the time,
when an angel's sweet
gaze so innocently fell on mine...

That was the day
I was to meet the One,
she was sitting across the table
and the journey begun...

She was strikingly beautiful
But I was looking for a wife,
My mind cautioned my heart
Beauty isn't skin deep and marriage is for life!

She was shy in the beginning
and I was loud from the start,
What caught my eye is her persona...
In a word... I'd call it "Art"

Neither was she perfect
Nor was I as perfect as her,
But somehow we fit together
And the time ran past in a blur...

My heart was throwing tantrums
that I am taking too much time,
All it wanted to do,
was to kiss and make her mine...

But another part of me waited
took time to think and know,
In the end, my brain simply added,
"You'll regret if you ever let her go"

Suddenly I was sitting
inches away from her arm,
and At the King's throne
she was glowing like a charm...

Between us I felt a spark
declaring the journey's start,
My heart and mind in unison
Crowned her  the queen of my heart...

27 February 2014

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie

One shall set sail
And the other shall fly
The third shall conquer
Everything else alive

Together we shall overcome
Whatever the trouble,
We'll make palaces
Even from rubble..

We shall give life to our dreams
Together face all that we fear,
And that's how we'll start
This awesome new year :)


14 February 2014

Conditional Love

May I be
In love with you?
Shall I make my
Dreams come true?

May I see the stars
In your heart,
And make them mine..
And be a part,

My mind delved deep
Into these thoughts,
But my heart was far ahead and
Living in the dream of sorts..

My mind knew the dangers
Stepping light and careful,
My heart had slipped, happy
Uncaring and cheerful…

I had no warnings
No say in what I could do,
What’s rational seized to be the question..
All my heart wanted was you..

Lost was my heart and
The mind afraid it’d be broken,
Forced to follow the heart
But new hopes had awakened,

Mind thought of all the ways
Executed all the plans,
My heart was overjoyed
After all there was a chance!

But little did they know
Of what was in store,
Love was never enough &
And the need was for more..

Boldly was the truth told
At the cost of my little heart,
Coldly was it rejected
The mind knew from the start

The reasons were immaterial
How much ever sense they made,
But then the mind realised
That they've just been played

Heart was sure the fire
Was burning on both ends,
The mind knew the heartburn
Would be impossible to mend.

It took little time
To know what’s above
Rationality of it all
Or my hearts true love

Heart broken
And confused,
My mind
Reluctantly deduced,

That love was never
Given a chance,
To rationality
Everything was reduced…


04 January 2014

Will against my heart

Its not been easy at all
But I've stopped thinking about you,
Coz there is so much I missed from
So much that I knew...

I've stopped thinking
about your smile,
And that silhouette of yours
That I'd recognize from a mile...

I've stopped thinking when
I've stopped asking why,
That I met you & fell headlong
Into an eternal high...

I've stopped thinking about you
And this time am sure,
But the funny thing is
I've stopped thinking about you before..

So I stop thinking about you again
with all the will that I've got,
I never knew that I'd have to have
A will against my heart..

03 January 2014

Back to the start

So I just wanna lose my heart
Go back, go back to the start
I wanna dive deep down into someone's eyes
& drown in it... see the skies.

So I wanna be in love
Alas! it eludes me and how!
All I long for is a kiss
Without which everything's amiss

I long for you, but I know not where you exist
But you've been right at the top in my wish list
I don't know how you look
But I look for you in every romantic book

A smile, a greet, a fleeting glance
& that's all I need, a tiny little chance
For happiness, for love and the longing I have now
I am waiting.. where are you, my love?

A simple caress of her arms,
A simple hug with her listening to my heart,
So simple that I would forget
of my existence before we met

Not a fling,not for lust
Not even for an ass or an amazing bust
All I want is love and that smile
that'll warm my heart
Like as if I was born again
Taking me back to the start.

27 July 2012

Forgotten Memories

You may forget the memories
And delete the poems,
But the thoughts that linger
Will remain in your realms,

Like the fragrance of a rose,
That is crushed under the heel,
It'll linger in your mind,
And your heart it'll steal..

Deep thoughts in your mind
Shall go unshared,
But the heart alone remembers
the love and care..

01 October 2011


The tiny laddu hidden
in my lunch box,
She was always careful
to wash my favourite socks,

Little trophies that i won
She wore it like a medal,
When i fell from my cycle
to hell she cursed the pedal,

Crying into this world
from the day that i was brought,
How to keep me happy
was her only thought,

And when the time came
for me to go away,
She had so much
that she wanted to say.

Every tone of mine
So clearly she understands,
So easily change my reaction
and understand my pranks,

When i cried that i got hurt
She put me to sleep with a hum,
you're as great as greatness can be
I love you, mum.